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Student ED-Visa Support Thailand

Piammitr Language School accredited by the Ministry of Education Thailand (MOE) and we provide Full ED-VISA support for our students.

Getting your ED-VISA with us is easy! We’ll handle all required paperwork and submit documents to obtain approval letter from the Ministry of Education.

According to new government’s regulation, ED-VISA’s issued for a maximum length of stay for 8 Months, and can be extended for another 6 Months upon conditions of passing the Thai language exam. Stay up to 14 Months in Thailand, with no visa-runs anymore!

Our School

Information about ED-Visa

Students who enroll at our Thai Language Course in 8 months course are eligible to apply for Non-Immigrant “ED” Student Visa. With ED-VISA you do not need to leave Thailand for visa’s renewal, and can stay here continually for 8 Months.

On arrival you will be permitted to stay for 90 days and then with a documents prepared by our school you will be able to extend your stay at the local immigration office for the duration of the course. You can enjoy Studying Thai and at the same time not worrying about making any visa runs.

In case you would like to extend your stay in Thailand, our teachers will help you to prepare for a Thai Language Exam at the Ministry of Education. Students successfully passed through an exam are allowed to extend their visa for another 6 Months. So in total, you can Study in Thailand with your ED-VISA up to 14 Months.

First we’ll prepare your documents to apply for an approval letter from the Thai Ministry of Education, requesting 8 months ED-Visa for you. Usually the process takes about 2-3 weeks to obtain a letter.

Once we’ll receive this letter, you will need to visit a Thai Embassy located outside the country, to Apply for ED-VISA.

Most nationalities can go to Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar or apply in their home country. Some nationalities like Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis and middle eastern countries will need to go back to their home country.

With obtained ED-VISA you will come back to Thailand, getting permit to stay for 90 days. Then we will apply for a second letter from the MOE certifying your enrolment, this letter allows you to make visa extensions at the local immigration office. No visa runs are required at all.

Students will need to study at least 15 lessons a week.

We have two sessions: Morning or afternoon class five days a week Monday to Friday for 3 lessons a day.

Simply come to our school during our Office Hours (Mon – Fri 8.00AM – 5.00PM), and bring:

  • Your passport
  • 8 Recent photo (3 x 4 cm.)
  • Course Fee.

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Bangkok 10110
Account name: Piammitr Language School
Account number: 2041157119

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What Our Students Say?

โรงเรียนดีๆ!! Very good school to learn Thai language (both speaking and writing!). Very good teachers and very good programs! ถ้าอยากเรียนภาษาไทยฅ้องไปโรงเรียนPIAMMITRเลย!!! Don't hesitate!
Alexandre Plard
The classes are reasonably priced. I attended Piammitr for a total of 6 months. The teachers made the classes fun and interesting, which helps a lot when struggling with a new language. The staff at the school was so nice and accommodating, I will enroll in another of their courses when I have more free time.
Carlos Roberto Mendez
This place is like my 2nd family. The staffs and teacher are so friendly. And my friends who are also students here are super friendly too!! We're like family. Never been like this before! Piammitr language school is the best!!!!!!!!
Caroline Rebecca Ranee Marlissa
I studied at several language schools in Bangkok & this place was the best. A similar system to UTL and Union but much more laid back. Kru Tong is an awesome teacher... Ask for him.
Forrest Waudby
After trying a few Thai language schools while living in Bangkok , Piammitr Language School is by far the best ! The teaching techniques is effective and enable students to pick up vocabulary quickly. The teachers are all very experienced and make learning such a joy ! Highly, highly recommended.
June Chew
One of the best school in Bangkok to study Thai, good teaching style and method, after 1 month I was able to basic communication Thai really fluent. I believe for 8 months study here I will completely confidence about my Thai Language. Lucky that my friend introduced me this school. Highly recommended.
Phương Thu